Yes, we are still open for business. During this unique time we have fully committed to keeping our products, customers and workers safe. Every box we pack is done so by one worker wearing a mask and gloves, and without any symptoms. All while making sure all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned prior to products touching them.

We have stopped production of our sold out milkit "diaper" bags to ensure we are abiding by our social distancing and "safer at home" guidelines. We will keep you updated on when those will come available, but we will not start production back up until we know it is 100% safe for everyone involved.

Thank you for your support during this hard time! We are truly in this together.

This bag is everything.

Thoughtfully curated for the eco-conscious mama, Milkit was born out of the necessity  for a beautifully designed pre-packed labor bag.


  • Milkit Bag
  • Milkit Robe
  • Milkit Mug


  • Erbaviva 3-in-1 Relax Spray
  • Erbaviva Nursing Balm
  • Erbaviva Baby Cream
  • Erbaviva Diaper Cream
  • Cosmos Everywhere Salve
  • Cosmos Face Oil


We are a values driven, sustainable brand and are proud to say we stand by every company and product you see.

Every single item in our bags have been created by conscientious manufacturers. Responsibly-sourced and earth-friendly snacks, clothing, and self-care supplies.

Love your Mother and consume consciously!

Giving Back

We are proud to be working with Black Mamas Matter Alliance, where we donate a portion of each sale. 

Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a women-led organization that works to drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice.