About Us

Milkit was created by three best friends who became pregnant at the same time and were overwhelmed by unnecessarily extensive checklists about how and what to pack for the hospital bag. We wanted to refine what mamas-in-waiting need for that life-changing delivery day.

Milkit is the pre-packed delivery bag for the minimalist, design-savvy, eco-conscious mama. We offer 3 different tiers of bags, but all of them include our custom-designed bag, robe, and mug. We believe that aesthetics and ethics don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We have a responsibility to how and where our products are made, and that conscientiousness drives our mission. We took our 7 collective birth experiences and added years of research to create simple, sleek, thoughtfully designed and ethically created postpartum essentials meant to take you beyond the delivery room and out into the world with your new  babe. A dreamy start to motherhood.